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Lending Bereaved Individuals and Families a Helping Hand

About Our Organization

Surviving Spouse Provisional Center is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit agency serving communities throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area in Georgia. We take pride in being the only organization that specifically and directly addresses the needs of surviving spouses for material and emotional support. Our team members are fueled by a passion to help bring back smiles to the faces of

bereaved families.

Barbara J. Jones, CEO/Founder

Hello, let me introduce myself. My name is Barbara Jones and I am the CEO and founder of Surviving Spouse Provisional Center. I live in Atlanta, GA and Have 4 children and 9 grandchildren.

The Surviving Spouse ministry was born out of my own personal crisis. You see, Larry, my husband of 40 years, passed away suddenly after having a minor surgical procedure performed out of state. It happened suddenly and without warning. To say the least, me and my family were devastated. We were not ready for him to leave us--neither financially, emotionally, or otherwise. It was quite a trying time--mourning his passing, yet having to deal with the bills that continued to come in the door. The mortgage, the car note, car insurance, and all of the utilities--still had to be paid. My husband was 65 years of age and on social security, and I was disabled. I was speechless when I found that his portion of income would be cut. Plus, the remainder of his and my benefits would be delayed by a few months, while adjustments were being made.

It wasn't looking good. But GOD is faithful. I was able to get my bills paid for the two months that I had no income, thanks to caring friends and family. I was also helped by a few agencies, who offered one-time assistance. But I was surprised that there weren't more resources out there to address the needs of surviving spouses and their families. As in my case, it's not that they are being derelict in their responsibilities, they just find themselves in a crisis situation due to the death of their spouse.

While the surviving spouse is going through financial needs, they are also going through the grief process. The toll of their loss is a heavy one. The first impulse is to pull back; withdraw; isolate. But that is actually the thing you shouldn't do. You need the help and support of loved ones around you; of your church; of counselors, and life coaches that can navigate you through this difficult time in your life. You need advocates you can trust to assist you with the many loose ends that will need to be tied. Surviving Spouse Provisional Center and our affiliates are here to assist with these matters as well.

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